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South Dakota Late Season Pheasant Hunts
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South Dakota Late Season Pheasant Hunts

The South Dakota pheasant hunting opener is usually the busiest part of the pheasant hunting season for South Dakota. Just walk through Cabela's in Mitchell... you won't be able to find a parking spot and may find yourself waiting in line for some gear. However, if you are looking for a calmer time of year, bunched up pheasants, and excellent hunting, then a late season hunt might be for you.

The Hunting

The Hunting

Temps: South Dakota is the land of infinite variety and the temps in December can be as high as 40 or in the single digits.

Birds & Flight patterns: The pheasants have been shot at all year and are wild as heck. The true hunter, or a guy who likes tough shots, hits the field in the late season in South Dakota. It is truly an event to watch these birds move. The pheasants stay bunched up and move in packs. Your heart will be pumping watching these birds move.

What to Expect: For hunters who have never witnessed South Dakota hunting and want to come out on the opener, we would definitely recommend it. However, before that, we would recommend trying a late season hunt first. You may never hit the South Dakota Opener for the rest of your days - we are not kidding.

Gear: Bring some warm clothes and boots for the field. It usually isn't as bad as the snow and photos make it look. The adrenaline and fun takes over and can usually cure the cold fingers.

Booking and Reservations: Give The Springer's a call today for a great South Dakota late season pheasant hunt.

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