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South Dakota Shooting Range
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South Dakota Shooting Range

Here at Buffalo Butte Ranch we are serious about our shooting! Our pheasants are quick and wild and the prairie dog towns give our shooters the ability to shoot some ranges outside their comfort zones. Because of this we like to give our clients the chance to hone in their skills at our well maintained and always expanding Gun Range. From scatter guns to highly tuned rifles, we have what it takes to perfect your aim and have fun doing so. The Gun Range gives our clients a chance to warm up before the hunt, both the accuracy and the safety practices of our shooters.

Nicole Hits the Pinker Target

25 Yard Plinker Range

Recently we installed a shorter range, small caliber target range to accommodate the .22 LR. Obviously this serves no other function than just having some good old fashioned fun with one of the most popular gun calibers ever produced. The target system we have set up is a FireAction target. The aim is to hit a small target on the left of the platform which will drop a disc and allow it to roll across and you have to knock it down before it reaches the end of the platform. Whether you are a youngster just learning how to shoot or a seasoned veteran, we find that this will keep you entertained for hours with friends! Once again there is a reason to dust off your old friend, the .22LR, and bring him out to a hunt.

Ryan Nails a Rifle Target

Rifle Range

The heart and soul of our gun range is the 100, 200, and 300 yard rifle range. All three permanent targets are shot from a carpet covered concrete shooting bench which is solid enough to allow the shooter to concentrate on his aim and equipment. We also have a gun cart (golf cart) that makes changing out targets and moving gear back and forth a little bit easier on your legs. It’s always a good idea to site in your rifles to make sure your scopes are still on target before your prairie dog hunt. Also, some of our clients’ local ranges don’t offer shooting ranges past 100 yards so it’s good practice to test your equipment at longer ranges so you know what to expect in the field.

Can you hit the long range target in SD?

1150 Yard Range

New to the range in 2012 is our long range shooting range. We installed a separate concrete bench that looks down to a target 1150 yards away. That’s right, I said 1150 yards! This is a shooters’ true test when it comes down to long range accuracy. If you think you have the gun and guts to step up to the challenge then come on out. South Dakota does not have caliber restrictions on prairie dog hunting, so if you are a long range shooter we have both the practice facility and hunt that will suit your needs.

Buffalo Butte Offers Clays

Automated Sporting Clays

We have two automatic sporting clay throwers set up at two different positions to show some very diverse shooting scenarios. We have one thrower in a fixed position high above the shooter that gives you a tricky left-to-right shoot. The other automatic thrower is a wobble thrower. This one will throw the clay pigeons in a random pattern which will keep even the most practiced shooter on their toes. Our wild South Dakota pheasants will put your shooting skills to the test and to get the upper hand we typically have time allotted before each hunt to fine tune those shooting skills at the range. Whether this is your 50th trip chasing pheasants or your 1st, our Sporting Clay Range will help keep your aim on target, all while having fun with friends.