South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunts

South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunts

Buffalo Butte Ranch offers prairie dog hunting in the surrounding area. All of our hunting is on private property and you will be the only shooters there.

A Typical Day

A typical day includes a hearty breakfast at the Main Lodge, a chance to sight in your rifles at our gun range if needed, then off to the prairie dog towns in one of our suburban’s that will be loaded with your cooler with plenty of lunch and beverages, top of the line shooting benches, shooting bags and plenty of sun screen. You will follow our guide to your town where he will help you get all set up and show you the shooting options on that particular property. You will be left alone to enjoy your shoot and you can stay as long as you want, knowing that there will be a full course dinner for you upon your return to the lodge. Shooting depends on the weather and the shooter the amount of rounds is up to you, the prairie dogs and Mother Nature.

Ryan Trask Hunts Prairie Dogs

Season Dates

The prairie dog season is open year-round with an unlimited possession limit. Shooting hours are typically unrestricted; however we suggest starting the hunt mid-morning to early afternoon to ensure an exciting and lifetime experience.

South Dakota Prairie Dog Information

South Dakota Prairie Dog License

Rates & Dog Towns

We offer prairie dog hunting in the surrounding area. All of our hunting is on private property and you will be the only shooters there.

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Guns & Calibers

Any gun and calibers are accepted. From .22LR to .50 caliber, come put your skills to the test. Bring a mix of guns from bolt action, to auto's or your pistols. We made a deer antler with some of the different calibers from clients that have passed through the lodge.

Long Shot Record - 1,855 yards

Long Shot Record - 1,855 yards

Current Lodge Long Shot Record 2023 - As of the spring of 2023 the new long range prairie dog kill is set at 1,855 yards! This was achieved by Peter Renwick (shooter) and his spotters Mike Akridge and Matt Burton and their coach Bob Matthews. To read the blog with the full story click the link. 2023 Long Range Record Blog

Former Lodge Long Shot Record 2017 - Shooter Missy Gilliland 1,644 yards! | Spotter: Husband | Gun- Missy was using a 6MM Creedmoor custom build GA Precision with Manner stock, Bartlein Barrel, APA brake & Timney Trigger | Optics - Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 | Ammo - Gold Medal Primer, Alliant Reloader Powder 16, Berger Bullet 105 gr Hybrid | Read More.

Former Lodge Long Shot Record 2016 - We had a new long range prairie dog record again in 2016. The new record is broken by Scott Maeyert (Scott is shown in the photo) re-breaking his former 2014 record. The Details - Shooter: Scott Maeyert | Spotter: Zach Maeyert | Gun: DTA SRS-A1 | Caliber: 7mm LRM | Scope: Schmidt & Bender PM2 5x25 | Distance: 1,249 yards. Nice work Scott!

Former Lodge Long Shot Record 2016 - Set by the brothers, Steve and Chuck Scianna. Steve first broke it with a long shot of 1,061 yards using a HS-Precision 6.5 Creedmor and a Swarovski X5 rifle scope. Not to be outdone by his brother, Chuck improved upon the record by shooting 1,105 yards using the same equipment. They were assisted and spotted by Josh Cluff from HS-Precision and Eric Exline from Hendershots Sporting Goods. Impressive side note - each record was set on the second shot.

Former Lodge Long Shot Record 2014 - 1037 Yards by Scott Maeyaert Shooter & Zach Maeyaert Spotter. Rifle - Desert Tactical Arms / SRS A-1 | 260 Remington - TS Customs/Primal Rights 30" Barrel. Scope - Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25.

Former Lodge Long Shot Record 2012 - Bobby B. Pitchford of Pitchford Custom Gunworks June 9, 2012 - 3 consecutive shots 890, 920, 963 yards. Rifle pitchford custom. 243 Ackley Imp (BBL Walther). Auction Siller Diamondback. 2012 Long Shot Record - 726 yards by John Schriever with Marshall Springer as the spotter. Equipment - Ed Brown Varmint 308 Win, Zeiss Victory 6-24 Z-1000, Berger Bullets 168GR Target.



Your prairie dog shooting group will be lodged at the Buffalo Butte Main Lodge or Chalets depending on your preference or group. Meals are served in the main lodge.

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Gun Range

Gun Range

Sight in your rifles before your prairie dog hunt at our target and shooting range. We offer 100, 200, and 300 yard rifle range as well as a 1100 yard range. All targets are shot from a carpet covered concrete shooting bench which is solid enough to allow the shooter to concentrate on his aim and equipment.

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Minnesota Group

Minnesota Group


Buffalo Butte Ranch provides shooting benches for your group or feel free to bring your own. We use top of the line shooting benches by D.O.A Tactical Shooting Benches.

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Corporate Prairie Dog Shoots

Corporate Prairie Dog Shoots

Bring your employees or important clients out to the Buffalo Butte Ranch. Side Photo - H-S precision at the Buffalo Butte Ranch 1,100 yard range with Owners Dillon & Marshall Springer

Booking and Reservations

Combine your prairie dog hunt with a pheasant hunt or fishing. Call or email us today and get your prairie dog hunt reserved.

Prairie Dog Hunters must provide their own transportation to lodge, guns, ammunition, and license.

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