New Record Prairie Dog Kill in 2023!

New Record Prairie Dog Kill in 2023!

New Record Prairie Dog Kill in 2023!

June 3, 2023 by

As of the spring of 2023 Buffalo Butte is proud to announce our prairie dog kill record as been broken and the bar has been set high! The gentlemen from Georgia Firing Line ( have set the new record at 1,855 yards!

The team consists of Peter Renwick (trigger man), with spotters Mike Akridge, Matt Burton, Luke Burton, Will Burton, and their coach Bob Matthews. 

The Shot Details:

Yards: 1,855 and verified with a Vectronix Vector 21 Laser Range Finder

Gun: 6mm Creedmor w/ Defiance Action, Bartlien Barrel 28", Manners Stock, Kahles 525i Scope, Trigger Tech Trigger, Silencer Co Suppressor

Ammo: Custom Loaded by Peter Renwick and Mike Akridge, Lapua Brass, Berger 109 Bullet, H4350 Propellant, and CCI Primers.

The gun was assembled at GA Firing Line and was dialed in perfectly for the day. 

A little background about these shooters, they travel the country and compete in ELR shooting matches and have even competed in the King of 2 Mile competition where they bring out their .416 Barrets to engage targets well beyond 3,000 yards. The precision and dedication of this group of individuals leaves no doubt about the legitimacy of the shot fired and the resultant claim of a dead prairie dog at 1,855 yards. 

To further drive the point home, the very next evening this crew managed to get an impact on our mile target at the lodge range with their custom built .223! Also verified with spotters on a freshly painted target.

The bar has been set high and I do not doubt they will want to break their own record.

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