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South Dakota Early Season Pheasant Hunts
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South Dakota Early Season Pheasant Hunts

Early season pheasant hunting in South Dakota is an exciting reintroduction to the fields after a long spring and summer away from hunting. The early season on the Buffalo Butte Ranch preserve starts on September 1st. The pheasants are plentiful and naive to the movement of hunters and hunting dogs. They flush easily, which makes for quick and exciting shooting. Early season pheasant hunting is an excellent opportunity to dust off your guns and blaze orange and work out the kinks before the South Dakota pheasant hunting opener.

The Hunting

The Hunting

Temps: South Dakota is the land of infinite variety and the temps in September and early October can be as high as 80 or in the low 30s.

Birds & Flight patterns: The pheasants in September and October are young, flighty, and flush easily.  During these early weeks, hunters can expect to see a lot of pheasants and have lot of opportunities to bag their limit.

What to Expect: In South Dakota, early season pheasant hunting, and the pheasant hunting opener, is usually the busiest part of the pheasant hunting season.  Expect the pheasants to be plentiful, and hunters to be even more so.

Gear: Bring light, loose clothing, comfortable walking boots, and plenty of water for the field.  It would be advisable to check the weather forecast prior to visiting Buffalo Butte Ranch, and bring along a light sweater or jacket for those cool morning and evening hours.

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