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Located in the Golden Triangle

Located in the Golden Triangle

For one thing is the location. We are located in the best of the best of locations for pheasants. This can be substantiated by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks annual pheasant counts. That's where the tag name "Golden Triangle" comes from.

The lodge is built at the base of the Buffalo Butte which is rich in Native American history. The Native Americans believe that their birth place was the Buffalo Butte cave located at the top of the Butte and on our property. Legend also has it that a white buffalo cow and calf entered the cave and has yet to return. The white buffalo is very sacred to the Native American culture. This Indian folk lore of the Buffalo Butte's pre-date Lewis and Clark.

Within minutes hiking distance from the front door you can view the same unchanged grandeur that Lewis and Clark experienced two hundred years ago. On the side of the Buffalo Butte are two "name rocks" with names and dates that go back as early as 1808. The lodge contains many artifacts we have collected over the years from the farm ground surrounding the lodge.

Buffalo Butte Ranch is based out of Gregory, South Dakota, in the heart of South Dakota's world-famous wild pheasant hunting country!

The hunter must provide transportation to/from Gregory or Winner. Gregory Airport has a 4000 ft. runway. Winner Airport has a 5500 ft. runway.

Buffalo Butte Ranch
33376 Buffalo Butte Road
Gregory, South Dakota 57533

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