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About Buffalo Butte Ranch
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About Buffalo Butte Ranch

Owner Operated SD Pheasant Hunts

We Built This

Our family business started out as a family farm by my great grandfather in the early 1900's.  After some hard times and bad weather events it was repossessed by the bank.  Thanks to hard work and pioneer spirit the farm was bought back by my great grandfather in 1920 and has stayed in the Springer name going on the 5th generation. We don't want Mr. Obama or anyone else for that matter telling me or the generations before me that "You didn't build that" because we sure did and we are proud of that.

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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Wokers

The Buffalo Butte Staff

The upper Midwest has a reputation for being friendly and helpful and we hope we only add to that tradition. We are truly a "hands on" host and will make every effort we can to see to it that your stay is everything and more than you expected.

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Why Hunt With Buffalo Butte in SD

Why Hunt at Buffalo Butte

With literally tens of thousands of choices out there for pheasant hunting you have to be asking yourself; what is so different about Buffalo Butte Ranch than the rest? We, along with our past guests, think we have something very special here.

Why Hunt at Buffalo Butte

Osteosarcoma SD

Remembering Tye

In 2008 while in college our daughter, Karley, met a young cowboy with a broken leg and a mile wide smile. From that first encounter the bond was set. While the leg was broken in a bull ride it didn't heal and was later diagnosed to be cancer. In June of 2010 Karley and the cowboy with the still mile wide smile, Tye, were married. Tye lost his fight with cancer on Nov 15, 2010 at the age of 22.

Remembering Tye