Buffalo Butte Ranch Remembers Tye Easton

Buffalo Butte Ranch Remembers Tye Easton

"The easiest thing we ever did was to welcome you into our lives, the hardest thing we ever did was to let you go." - The Springer Family

Tye's Story

For those of you who have been with us for a number of years you shared our joy and the pain we experienced with our son-in-law, Tyler Easton.

Tyler's leg was broken in a bull ride and never healed. Later Tye's leg was diagnosed to be cancer, osteosarcoma. Tye's leg was later amputated and numerous surgeries and trips to cancer institutes were a true test of courage and character for both.

In June of 2010 Karley and the cowboy with the still mile wide smile, Tye, were married. Tye lost his fight with cancer on November 15, 2010 at the age of 22.

Each year we raise funds for the "Tyler Easton Foundation" and this year we are raffling off a shot gun with the total proceeds going directly to cancer patients and their families in his hometown community.

This page on our website is meant to celebrate and to remember Tye Easton's life... so, thank you for taking the time to look through the photos, smile and celebrate Tye's life.

Remembering Tye

SD Pheasant Hunting

Rick Easton, Colleen Springer, Karley Springer, Marshall Springer, Brenda Easton

Hunt The Butte Today in Gregory County

Marshall & Tye

Tye's Turkey

Tye's South Dakota spring turkey 2010

Pheasant Hunting Love

Karley Springer and Tye Easton

Main Lodge Of Buffalo Butte

Rick Easton, Tanner Easton, and Tye Easton

Tye's Deer in 2010

Tye's Nebraska deer 2010

Shooting Range of Buffalo Butte

Tye and Dillon at the Shooting Range

I love Pheasant Hunting

Karley and Tye

Brenda, Andy and Tye

Brenda, Andy and Tye

SD Pheasant Trade Booth

Andy, Tye and Mike at a Nebraska Trade Show

After the Hunt Fun

Friend & Tye

Tye & Dillon take down some gophers

Tye Prairie Dog Hunting with Dillon

Shooting Pool at Buffalo Butte

Tye and Andy

Small group Pheasant Hunting in SD

Tanner, Andy, Andy and Tye

Tye Easton and his Mom

Mom and Tye

Tye guiding his little brother Tucker on his first deer hunt.

Left Photo: Tye Riding - Right Photo: Dad and the Easton Brothers

Left Photo: Tye Riding - Right Photo: Dad and the Easton Brothers

RIP Cowboy...

Once in a while
Someone comes along
That one in a million heart
So pure and so strong
They can face up to the tears
And somehow still find a smile
We only get it
Every once in a while...

Thanks For the Memories Tye

Stop back to this page from time to time, look at the photos, listen to the song, shed a tear, celebrate his life and remember Tye. At 22 years old, he was tougher than most kids his age. Tye, we won't forget you.

Marshall, Colleen, Dillon, Lindsey, & Karley Springer

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