New 2017 Lodge Long Shot Record

New 2017 Lodge Long Shot Record

New 2017 Lodge Long Shot Record

September 23, 2017 by

We have a new lodge record at Buffalo Butte Ranch! Missy Gilliland has broke our previous record of 1,249 yards by knocking a prairie dog down at 1,644 yards! Her husband, Jim, was her spotter and also recorded the shot.

Gun - Missy was using a 6MM Creedmoor custom build GA Precision with Manner stock, Bartlein Barrel, APA brake & Timney Trigger

Optics - Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30

Ammo - Gold Medal Primer, Alliant Reloader Powder 16, Berger Bullet 105 gr Hybrid

Not only is she a great shot but a wonderful person and we are so glad to have met her and her husband.

View more about Missy at -

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Did that dog have any blood on it because he most have died of a heart attack as the bullet went by it? 1644yds? How can you even see a prairie dog over a mile away? With a 30 power scope to boot! What kind of spotting scope did her husband use, the Hubbell Telescope? The shooting gods must have been all been there that day or night and wanted to play a joke on the rest of us shooters. I shoot steel silhouette and bench rest, small caliber, and thought I knew a thing or two about bullet drop and windage. She must have been aiming at an airplane flying by when she pulled the trigger. Congratulations to Missy... Nice Shooting...

Joe DiDonato December 30, 2017 12:12 PM

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